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For Foreign Customers

*Rental Guide(海外のお客様へ)

1. Terms
Our company deals exclusively with corporate customers (firms, associations). We do not lend our materials alone. One of our technicians will always accompany our materials during shooting.
2. Payment
Please remit your payment in Japanese YEN before the actual shooting day to a bank account designated by our company.
3. Reservation
Please reserve at least 5 days before the day of shooting either by fax or by email. Also please send us in advance by fax or by email a copy of the ID of the person in charge who will be present at the shooting.
4. Cancellation
We will charge 100% on any cancellation on the day of the shooting, and 50% if cancelled the previous day. In this case, please contact us by telephone.

In case of shooting in the provinces, we will ask half-day fees for travelling the day before and after the shooting.


If you need an estimate or if you have any inquiries, please contact::

Kazuo Okamoto
azbond Inc.
Media Center Filming Division

mitahillcrest-building 5nd Floor
4-15-35 mita Minato-ku
Tokyo Japan
Zip code:108-0073
E-mail :okaharu0419@gmail.com

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